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Business Owner and Author of the book, "Why Jacob Matters".

John Hiester’s Latest Release

"Your thoughts and ideas toward running a successful business match my feelings exactly. Many times over my career, I have seen organizations struggle from lack of leadership and training at the middle manager level. They are short on training, accountability and the "why" of the company they are working for. You address all of these issues and give specific usable examples on how to move forward and improve any company. I believe this book is an excellent read for all new managers and most middle level managers as a tool to help them understand how they can best support the organization."

Tim Dagenais, Chief Operations Officer,

Tony Automotive Group


"Many of the takeaways that John outlines can be applied to other organizations outside the auto industry. Even those of us that have had decades of real-life business experiences can benefit from this book. I personally review the "takeaways" on a regular basis to help improve my own practice."

Anthony Dowling, Managing Principle

First Flight Financial Advisors

"This book incorporates years of John Hiester's real-life learnings that has become the nucleus of his successful business operations. As you read "Why Jacob Matters" you will see that core values are critical to the success of Hiester Automotive and not core values written on letterhead but core values that are used by everyone in the daily operation of business. His attitude of 'servant leadership' coupled with a willingness to listen to his employees have employees describing the environment they work in as a 'family business'. I can't think of a better compliment. "Why Jacob Matters' provides a simple framework to significantly impact the culture of your organization: Define "what great is" or settle for what you get."

Davidson Sammons, 

Business Consultant

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